Salomon UNDHOF

Summertime is Muskateller time!

On hot summer days, it is advisable to drink particularly light and sparkly wines. Our Yellow Muscateller with an alcohol content of just 10.5% vol. is particularly suitable for this. SALOMON Undhof Gelber Muskateller 2022 is a fragrant and floral wine.

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Citrus and elderflower give it its fine bouquet. Extracts of white peach unfold on the palate and a lemony aftertaste is created. A lively acidity and a fine extra sweetness characterize this wine. The intense play of sweetness and acidity helps to temper the spiciness of Asian dishes. Enjoy a glass of yellow muscat with an Asian chicken curry with peppers, cashews and coconut milk. You can also serve our Yellow Muscat as an aperitif. A spritzer of muscatel is very refreshing on particularly hot days! Order our SALOMON Undhof Yellow Muskateller 2022 at our special price.